My Week and Protest fail

Sorry I haven’t been posting often, I don’t have a good reason except I couldn’t think of anything.  I have had an exciting week of school.

Tuesday: At school I snuck into the girls bathroom in the lunchroom Tuesday morning and taped a picture in the bathroom.


By the time I got to lunch (i have the last lunch) it was gone. But my friend found it ripped and crumbled and she taped it back up


Wednesday: Someone in not sure who exactly came up with it exactly I think it was an 8th grader came up with a protest. The post / message was this exactly:
Okay. This is what’s happening:
Friday we’re all breaking dress code in some way. I don’t want asses hanging out and shit. Be appropriate but not bad.
We’re hanging signs Friday morning before 8 o’clock. Come in the gym by the desk and we’ll all get things figured out.
We ARE NOT doing it tomorrow.
Tell everyone. Pass is on to the girls you know. Pass it on to girls that you know Will want to do this.
We are trying to make a difference. You won’t need a pair of extra pants and if anyone (especially Keen) says something respond with something along the lines of “well you have to send a bunch of other girls home too. My body isn’t a distraction”
Except some people snitched and my friend H (let’s just call her that) got called to the office during third hour how we can’t do that it’s a disturbance you can would be been expelled/suspended. Then he gave her the dress code.

Later Wednesday night: I went to my award ceremony to NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) to get sweared in. My first meeting is next week Thursday. After the ceremony my friends and I ate, took pictures, and just hung out. I needed up taking home a whole box of vanilla wafer thingies… 😂;)😜 She said I could take as many as I want!

Thursday: I can’t really remember much except that H, S and I decided to write a letter/essay about the dress code and highlight what caught our attention and send it into the office. I missed the last dance of the school year 😦 and I haven’t been before.

Friday: Friday was the first day of my church anniversary (Fridays Sunday)

I will be busy all next week I have testing, basketball+volleyball clinic, NJHS meeting, Water park field trip, art show and band concert. So I will not be posting often 😦

How was your week?



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